Our world is rapidly evolving and Web 3 is its next revolution. At Cryptocademia, we support you in learning Web 3 by offering you the best courses on the fundamentals of blockchain.

From history to understanding NFTs, through technical analysis, we aim to make you an expert in the field. And to make learning fun, each lesson you complete will offer rewards to enhance your avatar and participate in battles between the two clans, Bears and Bulls.

Why Bears and Bulls? Simply to nod to the trends in the crypto markets: the “bear market”, like the one we experienced in 2022 (decline of cryptocurrencies), and the “bull market” (rising cryptocurrency market), like the one we are currently experiencing. Thus, it is natural for us to pit B3ars against B4d Bulls.

We offer a platform that adapts to your individual needs, whether you want to learn by playing, in 5 hours a day or 20 minutes a day. The academy is accessible to everyone, regardless of your starting level, you will progress at your own pace, on the themes of your choice. Join us for an exciting and fun learning experience!


At Cryptocademia, we want to apply the motto: “learn while having fun”. Thus, we are not just focusing on a platform for traditional courses, we want to bring you a part of play and magic.

For every new lesson learned, you will earn rewards. These will allow you to enhance an avatar with which you can participate in relentless battles between the two clans that have been at war since the creation of the markets: the Bears and the Bulls!

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Collection B3AR Market

You fought against the bear market of 2022 and survived? Then the B3ar-market collection is for you!

The B3ar Market collection sold out as soon as it was released in August 2022 and enabled the launch of the Cryptocademia project. It also marked the birth of an extraordinary community of holders who showed us unwavering support.

Each NFT is a piece of history, a unique item that testifies to your resilience in the face of adversity and your journey through the infamous “bear market”. Beware of these excessive, mocking, and arrogant bears, who feed on the pain of others to prosper! Your B3ar is there to prove to the world that you survived the worst, and that you are a key element of the Cryptoworld, whatever it costs.

Collection B4d Bulls

Beware, our B4d Bulls are not nice cattle: these bulls are ruthless and ready to do anything to dominate the market. This is where their name comes from: the “Bull market” represents a horn thrust upwards in the crypto market. Enough to fiercely confront the mean B3ars.

The B4D BULLS collection sold out in April 2023, but they are still available on the secondary market. They still offer numerous advantages in the Academy’s ecosystem.

As you can understand, these two collections weren’t chosen randomly. And, as Web 3 is a big family with no borders, artists from completely different worlds have agreed to join us and lend a hand (or a paw, bear and bull) to create extraordinary B3ARS and B4D Bulls. We are proud to bring together in these collections a wide variety of arts and styles. Go take a look at their work.


The Web 3 universe is constantly evolving: therefore, we needed courses at the forefront of technological advancements. At Cryptocademia, the courses are written by enthusiasts eager to share a bit of their expertise. Thus, we have various authors, each bringing a real technical added value. We pay great attention to the quality and accuracy of the information provided, with reviews by several team members. We prefer the short format: each course does not exceed 1500 words. We find it more rewarding to read 5 courses in 20 minutes, and thus earn rewards 5 times, rather than reading one long course with a single reward. Our philosophy is to progress in small steps, and each major topic is broken down into small pieces to facilitate understanding and more easily achieve goals.

Access to the educational content of the academy is completely free. This will allow learners to judge the quality of the courses, but also to provide the essential knowledge to someone who has just discovered the world of cryptocurrencies and Blockchain. However, even though all courses will be free, learners staying in this version will have a daily limit.

At Cryptocademia, we want to adapt to everyone’s goals and you can follow the courses according to your desires. However, we also have a core curriculum for each user. Many of us came to join the Web 3 universe partly for the potential gains. This has led to many mistakes, and thus to lost time (and capital…). From our experience, there are essential basics to know in order to avoid most of these errors. For this, being able to follow courses in a logical sequence is crucial. This helps to guide the user in their learning and to maintain a consistent level of complexity across different content. You can’t start by talking about “lending” or “layer 2” to someone who has just entered the world of crypto. It is also dangerous to teach about leverage to someone who has not learned about “stop-loss”. In fact, some of you may not even know what all these technical terms mean. The goal is to guide the user so that they don’t feel overwhelmed by the amount of information, nor frustrated by being offered content that is not suited to their level. That’s why some foundational courses are mandatory.

Our goal is to offer customizable training programs for businesses looking to grow in the Web 3 space. This training will have a specific knowledge tree, with the ability to disable certain elements of gamification. For this to be feasible, our academy will first need to gain significance and have our trainings certified by an official body.

Initially, you will have access to a skill tree. An assessment test will be conducted by the learner upon registration to determine their placement in the tree. At the base of the tree, you can learn about what blockchain is, who Hal Finney was, the Cypherpunks, etc.

As you progress, you will gain access to more advanced courses such as layer 2, DeFi, bridges, etc.

Finally, you can choose to specialize in a branch like Web 3.0 development, trading, etc.

The courses are divided into tiers. You can take a test at each tier to verify that you have assimilated all the concepts. An NFT certificate will be awarded upon completion of a global chapter. We are also considering offering a sort of final project that would solidify your learning.

If you complete the entire curriculum, you will be able to hold a position in the blockchain field (blockchain consultant, web 3 developer, etc). Currently, there is no diploma in this field, so it’s your skills that are directly taken into account. Once you are trained, it will be up to you to convince with your skills, and rest assured, you will have them thanks to Cryptocademia.

In the future, we would like to offer certification courses recognized by the state or a training organization. This will make it easier for you to apply for positions in companies looking for web 3 profiles in the long term.



Course addition: 4 per month
Addition of a mini-game
Pre-sale of HEROES for EVERYONE


Course addition: 4 per month
Addition of a mini-game
Game feature additions: Start of season system
Game phase: End of Beta (=End of Heroes sale, Start of Warriors)
Sale of the 1st TOME Cryptocademia Lore


Course addition: 4 per month
Addition of a mini-game
Game feature additions: Ranking and reward / Burn / Pet system
Game phase: Beta
Switch to English


Course addition: 4 per month
Addition of a mini-game
Seasonality in the game
1 Complete curriculum with Cryptocademia Certificate

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