The Game

Legends of Karnoa is an RPG (role-playing game). Immerse yourself in a fierce battle between Bears and Bulls. Peace reigns at the academy, but outside, anything goes!

In this mode, you can participate in an adventure by developing your characters, customizing them with unique (sometimes exclusive) equipment featuring a rarity system! Your goal? Win as many fights as possible to progress in the ranking of fighters and earn rewards!
If you wish to progress as quickly as possible, you’ll need to attend school, as learning will give you a significant head start!

How to play?

To participate, recruit an avatar from the merchant or on the secondary market. An avatar will not only unlock combat mode but also provide a multiplier coefficient on your Eztia earnings during your apprenticeship!

So, Bear or bull?

In Legends of Karnoa, you will be able to develop your characters by equipping them with items.

Each character can be a bear or a bull, each with different rarities and statistics, which will be crucial in your battles.

Don’t panic, you can enhance them with a whole range of items and objects. These will give you guaranteed advantages in combat, equip your character, have them drink potions, and do so before the competition!

This will allow you to win numerous prizes, and occasional tournaments will complement it with handsome cash prizes!


The Legends Ranking

More information coming soon…


Join The Academy

Earn Eztia

Essential for upgrading your avatars